Our services keep trash in the land fields and not on your property.

If you are planning to host a big, notable commercial event, Then we know that you will definitely need our help in fixing the place up that is, clearing out all kinds of debris that is found either before during or after the event. This has to be done in a focused manner. At​ Moonlight Sweeping LLC we do just that! Feel the difference in the quality and reliability of our event cleanup services yourself!


Day Porter Service

​​customized day porter services to accommodate the unique requirements of its clients day time operations. Maintaing exterior building's removing trash and debris from Sidewalk, Turf, Mulch beds and replacing trash liners.

Graffiti Removal​​
Parking Lot Sweeping

Regular maintenance sweeping keeps your parking areas clean and free of debris. Our high-power air sweeping trucks sweep up litter and takes it away. Service includes Power sweeping parking areas and driveways. Blowing off sidewalks. replacing trash can liners.

Power Washing

Hot water pressure washing  Steam up to 220 degrees and gets rid of gum spots, oil spots, paint ​

(Graffiti) on concrete! Cold water power-washing Some times all it takes is cold water to clean your dirty area!​

Pothole Repair
Parking Lot Striping

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